Electric Chain Winders

Owseat specialise in supplying and installing Awning & Casement Window Actuators throughout Sydney. We can provide your home or business with a leading quality range of Awning & Casement Window Actuators to regulate air flow to naturally control room temperatures to reduce energy costs.

The Awning & Casement Window Actuators we provide are either Automatic , that respond to a remote or open when an alarm is triggered but Owseat also offers a manual solutions Whether its for a home or for a business, our range of Awning & Casement Window Actuators can provide you with the solution for what ever the size, for what ever the type of window.

OWAT-28 Electric Chain Winder

  • 240 volt
  • Suitable for top and center pivoted Casement or hopper windows
  • Simple but delicacy design
  • Optional installation:
  • Use double link chain to ensure smoothness and stability
  • Remote Available
  • Electronic over load cut off
  • Endurance tests ( 30,000 cycles ) are carried out ;

LINKEO 2 250mm stroke 230V AC silver

  • 230V / 50Hz motor or 24V DC.
  • Electronic Factory set limits (can be connected in parallel).
  • 4 minute running time.
  • Linkeo DC requires a regulated power supply.
  • Suitable for most glass window applications with no additional brackets required.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Horizontal mount only.
  • Intermittent Usage.

Lockwood Elevation Electric Window Actuator - Lockwood Australia

  • Awning and casement windows
  • High out of reach windows
  • Conveniently open single or a group of windows
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Actuators can be controlled individually or grouped into zones
  • Actuator can withstand 220kg applied negative pressure*
  • 9kg closing force ensures a tight window seal when closed
  • Smooth chain movement
  • 40 seconds Opening/closing time
  • 300mm chain opening
  • Strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel chain (grade 304)
  • Field adjustable chain limiter. Limit chain between 50-300mm @ every 10mm
  • Quick clutch release Key for easy installation without power connected
  • Connect and synchronize a pair of window actuators to one large window
  • Ability to install actuator in multiple orientations including top and bottom chain exit.
  • Will cater for window sashes as short as 300mm high**
  • Can connect to touch screen display, standard wall switch or Cbus systems
  • Network cabling can span up to 300m without voltage drop
  • Connect and control up to 30 window actuators to a touch screen display
  • Can connect multiple actuators (31 maximum) to a standard wall switch