Altair® Louvres offer a wide variety of barrier options to choose from


The Altair Louvre Keylock is available in one finish and can be fitted to the manually operated Breezway Easyscreen Window System, SL2 Window System and Altair Louvres in Other Frames. The Keylock can be installed left or right of each louvre bay, on the opposite side of the handle and the same key can be used to lock or unlock each Breezway keylock. Please note that the Keylock only engages fully once the key has been removed. Security screens or bars are required to protect an open louvre.


Strong & Durable
Zinc cast with a brushed finish, chrome plated metal construction to deliver strength and durability. Folding key is copper and nickel plated with the key holder made from ABS Plastic.

Improved Aesthetics
Housing the lock mechanisms internally results in a low profile design. The brushed chrome finish suits all aluminium finishes.

Easy Operation
The folding key design allows easy locking and unlocking even when situated right beside deep jambs or reveals.

Maintenance Free
No ongoing maintenance required besides normal cleaning. Tested and passed 15,000 lock & unlock cycles for long operational life.


Insect and Security

There are many window framing systems today that will allow a security or insect screen to be placed to the inside or outside of your Altair Louvres. Following discussions with your window manufacturer you may choose Breezway’s Altair Easyscreen or Innoscreen Window System, or we will often sell our Altair Louvre mechanisms to window manufacturers who will use their own framing system. Breezway does not manufacture screens, but there are many quality options available. Please visit our Where to Buy listing to find a window manufacturer close to you.


Improved Energy Performance
Screens to the outside of louvre blades can also aid in significant improvements to the insulation and shading properties of the window. For more information see our Energy Efficiency page.



Security bars are an effective barrier when the louvre is open, that unlike screens do not reduce any air flow. Breezway has security bars available to fit 152mm (6”) blade heights in a number of different Altair Louvre Window framing systems. Security bars are not available with 102mm as they do not open sufficiently. A stainless steel mesh screen can be used as an alternative with 102mm Altair Louvres.


Security Bars
Altair Louvre Windows can have optional 16mm diameter solid aluminium bars fixed to the window frame to the outside of the blades and positioned to allow the window to open fully.

There are systems available to suit various frame types. Please visit the Frames page to understand the range available.

*Map Rod

Map Rod used in conjunction with the Ring Pull Handle when installed out of arm’s reach.

  • 2m, 3m and 4m set lengths
  • 1.8m – 3.6m telescopic length